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IDS 101: Tocqueville's Democracy in America: Using the Library

Study Spaces in the Library

Main group study area. Each table has electrical outlets, and there are large portable dry erase boards (1st floor).


Group study area with movable tables and dry erase boards (1st floor).


The Fish Bowl is a study area available 24-7 with WU ID card. It has two desktop computers, a printer, vending machines, rentable lockers, a book swap cart, and a great view of the Jackson Plaza and the Mill Stream (1st floor).


The second floor is our designated Quiet Floor. Some study carrels have computers, and many others have electrical outlets for laptops. The south side of the library has an abundance of natural light and view of the soccer/lacrosse field (2nd floor). 


The southeast corner of the library provides a beautiful area for quiet study. Electrical outlets are mounted on tables for easy access. Outside are cacti, bird watching stations, a lemon tree, and a metal sculpture (1st floor).


The north side of the building overlooks the Mill Stream and a great spot to relax and watch wildlife. It is one of the most coveted quiet study places on campus because of the view from the comfy chairs (1st floor). 

Locating Materials

These will help guide you to find other types of information.

  Book Reviews                                                    Newspaper Articles
  Books                                                                 Speeches
  Dictionaries                                                        Statistics
  Government Info                                                Videos/DVDs
  Journal Articles

What I can do for you...

Librarians are here to help with your research!

You can set up an individual research consultation with me to:

- Determine the best places to begin your research.

- Develop effective search strategies.

- Locate & get the info you need

- Help request materials from other libraries

- Find additional info from bibliographies and reference lists

- Judge the quality & reliability of information

- Use information ethically (e.g. plagiarism and copyright)

- Cite information correctly (e.g. APA style)

- Show and use citation tools

- Determine the differences between literature types

- Diagnose whether something is peer-reviewed

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