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Personal Librarians: About

What are Personal Librarians?

Personal Librarians are your go-to person in the library. First-year and transfer students of the College of Arts and Sciences are paired up with a librarian so that students have a name, face, and specific individual to help with any questions about the library, research, or collections.


Studies show (1)(2) that students do better when they have personal connections throughout their university community, and our personal librarians can help new students build their communities at WU, making their first experience more positive and less intimidating.  


What to expect?

We will contact you a few times during the first semester via email, and at least once during the spring semester. We really hope to meet our students in person, and in October, we might just have a special treat for you!


How can my Personal Librarian help me?

Your Personal Librarian can assist with:

  • Planning how to start or what to do next
  • Formulating your research question
  • Identifying appropriate resources, search strategies, and more
  • Searching for information and teach how it was done
  • Obtaining materials from our library and other libraries
  • Helping to cite resources
  • Verifying if citations are correct
  • Answering questions about library services, policies and procedures


What we can't do

We do everything we can for our students, and we're always looking new and better ways to serve. But there are a few things that we can't do:

 Guarantee a grade.

We can teach you how to find and identify good resources, but students are responsible for doing the work and professors grading it. Clarify instructions with your professor or contact them if you're worried about your grade.

 Write your papers for you.

Do you need an appointment at the Writing Center? They can help you make a strategy for writing and finishing your paper.

 Turn back time.

Project due tomorrow? We'll help the best to track down resources that are immediately available and can suggest time-management strategies and resources to help speed up your work.

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