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Reference Books

Relevant Library of Congress Call Numbers

 BF 501 – BF 637 Psychology of emotions & motivation
 BJ 1  – BJ 1725 Ethics
           H Social Studies (in general)
          HA Statistics (data, theories, methods)
          HB Economics (theories, methods, analysis)
          HC Economics (history, regional analysis, special topics)
          HD Business (in general); Industries; Labor
          HE Transportation; Communications
          HF Commerce; Marketing; Accounting; Auditing
          HG Finance; Financial industries; Insurance; Investments
          HJ Public finance; Municipal finance; Public accounting & auditing
 HM 711 – HM 806 Sociology of groups & organizations
          HT Communities; Classes of people; Races; Regional planning
 HV 6001 – HV 9960 Criminology and Criminal justice
           J Political science
           K Law and Jurisprudence
           L Education and Schooling


For more details, visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline

Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the words and phrases that you will use to do a subject search in the catalog (as opposed to a keyword search). Although Economics is a broad Library of Congress Subject Heading, you will probably get better results if you are more specific. To search for the economic conditions of Oregon, the proper subject heading is actually "Oregon--Economic".  If you are looking for books about the economic conditions of the entire United States, then the proper heading is "United States--Economic".  Be careful in your choice of words--some words and phrases that are natural to you will not be valid as Library of Congress Subject Headings.

It is often helpful to do a keyword search on your topic first.  Once you find an appropriate source, look at the subject headings and click the linked subject heading in the catalog. 

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Finding Books

You can find books through a variety of ways.  Search our catalog for specific titles, authors, call numbers, subject headings, ISBNs, ISSNs, or access numbers.  Keyword searchers in our catalog are useful when you are looking for something specific.  When you turn up a book you like and want to find similar books, try clicking the hyperlinked subject headings of an individual book's catalog record.  Also, there will probably be books with similar topics shelved near the original book you found. To browse our collection use the general Library of Congress call number ranges linked below.

  1. Search the WU Libraries Catalog. Note the location, call number, and status of the item you're interested in. Refer to the chart below for actions that can be taken for the various statuses.
  2. If the item isn't in the WU Libraries Catalog, search Summit, the Orbis Cascade Alliance union catalog; either directly or from the WU Libraries Catalog. Request the item through Summit.
  3. If you still cannot find the item, request it through our Interlibrary Loan service.

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Note the call number & location to get item from the shelf or choose the Request option.

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Click "Request" to place a hold on a local copy, or "Request Summit" to have the item shipped here in five days from another Summit Library.

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