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GSM 7261: Businesses in France: Country info (data)

Country specific Statistical Data -- produced by independent external sources

  • These resources tend to be numerically dense with little in the way of textual summaries or detailed narratives.
  • The majority of contents in this cluster are usually downloadable either as PDF or Spreadsheets.  Some of these sites will only download spreadsheets using "Comma Separate Variables" instead of Excel formatting.  Some of these sites will make extensive use of downloading as ZIP formats.  Each of the providers has its own variety of indexes, tables of contents, search boxes and help screens.
  • Each of these websites offers a wide variety of documents & types of data.  It is very difficult to pinpoint the strengths & weaknesses of each of these data providers.  Typically, each of these data warehouses have some topics that they give particular attention to.  Each of these institutions carries a certain type of statistic that is relatively unique, even though they might not depend on a proprietary formula to compute.  Each website has its own "favorites" to showcase as being a relevant economic indicator.
  • All of these statistical sources are free to anyone in the world..

Official Statistics Gathering Agency of France

International Agencies Gathering Statistics (global or specific countries)

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