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GSM 7261: Businesses in France: Trade magazines & Scholarly journals

Loking for articles about Topics, Industries, Companies or People in FRANCE -- requires WU login and multi-factor verification through DUO

This is s special link to a joint search of 5 databases from the PROQUEST group that have a relatively high concentration of coverage of publications produced in France:

  • "ABI / INFORM Collection" focuses on business around the world from a large variety of sources:  strong coverage of wire services and blogs/podcasts/websites, followed by business news from newspapers & magazines, trade journals and scholarly journals.
  • "Asian & European Business Collection" provides articles from a mixture of trade & scholarly publications
  • "Continental Europe Database" primarily covers scholarly journals
  • "European Newsstream" focuses on newspaper, press releases, wire services and trade magazines.
  • "Global Breaking Newswires" focuses on news wire services from around the globe

When using the PROQUEST databases go to the far right  of each line of your search strategy to the box labeled 'Anywhere'  and change that option using the pull down function to become  'Anywhere except full text-- NOFT'. This difference will ensure that your keywords are found in the major parts of underlying articles, specifically ln the Titles, Abstracts, Subject headings or Keyword tags and will improve the relevancy of your results.

These databases provide access to a mixture of Trade magazines, Business news & Scholarly journals

All of the links in this section require WU login and multi-factor verification through DUO

This cluster of 3 databases primarily cover publications based in the USA or subject matter that takes place in the USA.  There are some international and some country specific publications in this group, but more than 80% of the coverage tends to focus on North America.  In order to do a thorough search, you can conduct a simultaneous search of all 3 of these databases through Hatfield Library’s subscription to the family of EBSCO databases.  

To conduct a joint search, first you need to log into one of the 3 participating databases from the Ebsco group, then move to top of the white section, and click on the blue text called "Choose Databases".  Now you mark which databases you want, then click on the blue "continue" button at the top/bottom of the database selection screen, in order to be able to work with that combination of databases with a unified search strategy.

3 noteworthy databases from the EBSCO company:

  • Business Source Complete – mixture of trade magazines, professional magazines & academic business publications.  Also provides access to SWOT analyses, industry reports and company reports.  Hatfield Library recommends that for most business oriented topics, that you start off by searching the Business Source Complete database.
  • Academic Search Complete – academic oriented magazines, with some overlap of popular sources, but this database does NOT cover business, nor economics.
  • Master File Premier – popular magazines typically found in public libraries, or magazines oriented towards family & personal reading.


4 other business databases that broadly focus on a wide variety of businesses around the world:

  • ABI Inform Collection  – mixture of trade magazines, professional magazines & academic business publications.  Also provides access to company reports, SWOT reports and industry reports. This database also includes a very large volume of documents that come from press releases or news wire services that are primarily promotional literature that have never been vetted by journalists.  These sorts of press releases & wire service pieces can easily be mistaken for "articles", but they are subjective, favoring the corporate clients which paid for their distribution over the web.
  • Business Market Research Collection  – There are no journal articles & no newspaper articles in this database.  This provides full text access to a mixture of company specific & industry specific analytic reports, with major emphasis on publicly traded firms.  Some of these reports might focus on specific geographies within a particular industry.  Some documents may be similar to SWOT reports but without using that particular nickname.
  • Business Insights: Global  – mixture of trade magazines, professional magazines & academic business publications.  Also offers access to company reports, SWOT reports and industry reports compiled by Plunkett.
  • Entrepreneurship / Gale Business – although this is primarily aimed at small sized for profit businesses, the vast majority of documents from this database are also very pertinent for non-profits.


List of other BUSINESS oriented databases available from Hatfield Library - over 20 additional databases that are used by AGSM students.

List of ALL databases available from Hatfield Library - Over 240 databases organized either by Academic departments, or Alphabetically by brand name, by Document type (such as book reviews, journal articles, or videos) or by Subject focus of each database (academic majors)

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