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Fun Covid Break Activities: History Sites & Old Willamette

The Student Newspaper

Explore history as it happened by searching the pages of The Collegian, Willamette's longest running paper. For over 130 years, Willamette students have experienced and reported on campus, regional, and national events and trends in the pages of the Collegian.

coverage: 1875 - May 2019

The Willamette Scene

The Willamette Scene (April 1967 - Spring 2014) is part of a larger collection of alumni publications that dates back to 1919 and continues to the present day.

Oregon Digital Collections

Postcard Collections

The Postcard Collection contains one hundred and sixty-one black and white and color images document Willamette University and the city of Salem, Oregon from the early 1900s through 1990.

Willamette University Archives Digital Collections

The Yearbook

Check out the Wallulah to see how students commemorated their years at Willamette

Classic & Historical Cartoons

The Internet Archive

Maybe you've heard of the Wayback Machine, where you can find preserved websites that span the history of the Worldwide Web, but did you know that also has books, audio, movies, and more?

Watch classic films from around the world

Play old-school MS-DOS games

Read pulp-fiction magazines from 1896-1946

Browse the Live Music Archive

Check out books from the Open Library

Interactive Historical Sites