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Language Learning Resources: Chinese

Language Learning Resources at Willamette University

你好! (/ni hao/)

Looking for language learning help? You have come to the right place!

Regardless of your language level, we have something for you! Check out our collection of resources in this section.

The DLS offers various software programs such as TellMeMore and Rosetta Stone for your independent learning of Chinese.

Planning on studying abroad? The DLS has put together a list of helpful resources and ideas of things you can be doing now to prepare you for your perspective country (below).

Bring some friends and come over to the Digital Learning Studio (Ford 101) to check out our new Chinese board games!

Chinese Resources

  • - The “Dictionary” tab on WISE, will take you to the website. This website is probably the most useful online Chinese dictionary. Not only is it a good dictionary, but it also allows you to look up characters by writing them with your mouse. As you can easily figure out, this is much more efficient than looking them up by radicals.
  • - An amazingly large dictionary that contains just about every word you can imagine. Almost any search query will bring back around 3 to 5 results that are categorized into their parts of speech. If you copy and paste the character you found back into the search bar, then you can figure out which one has the proper meaning you are looking for.
  • MDBG Mandarin dictionary
  • -Quizlet is a flashcard website where users may either create their own flashcards or choose from millions of other sets already created. There are several ways to study your flashcards, including multiple choice tests or study games. You can even add images or listen to audio files for individual words. It is easy to create and share material and Quizlet is good for studying almost any subject!
  • Learning Chinese Online Page - "This page helps you to learn Chinese. No matter where you are, we are with you.

PopJisyo and allow you to surf Chinese web pages with a study tool that will translate the text you put the mouse over. With Adso, copy and paste Chinese text and the site will dissect and explain the text for you. - You don’t have to worry about downloading software to type Chinese with this site! Under the tab “TOOLS” press Chinese editor and you can type pinyin to write Chinese characters. This is a very helpful writing tool. This site also has a dictionary, vocabulary lists and mouse-over translation for news in Chinese!

  • - You can listen to audio lessons for all levels to improve your listening comprehension. There are transcripts that correspond to the lessons so you can read the dialogue as you listen. There is mouseover translation and pronunciation help as well. This is a great resource for help on homework and for independent learning!
  • Marjorie Chan's China Links - An amazing collection of links related to Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese linguistics, and general linguistics.
  • Tutoring - Get essay help, ask grammar questions and practice your language skills with native Chinese speakers! Click “Sign-up” on the left side of WISE to schedule an appointment with your language assistant.
  • Mixxer - Through Skype, you can be matched up with a native speaker, who is also interested in learning English. Don’t stress, you’re both sharing and learning!

Chinese word processing in the DLS

The DLS at Willamette University, in Ford 101, is a Mac lab with 7 Macs.

Typing in Chinese

(For a Microsoft Word English (United States) Keyboard)

Select Chinese (PRC) from the bottom right side of the toolbar menu.

language bar

In the language menu bar, click on Context menu and select properties to check
the settings for Simplified Chinese IME . It is recommended to select sentence
mode, full pinyin, and incomplete choices. Leaning and user-defined phrase
should be enabled.

Type pinyin in a sentence. The computer will automatically select characters.
The underlined sentence means choices are available. Press enter to confirm the
correct choice.

Press the shift key to switch from Chinese and English input.

Press ctrl+space to switch between the Chinese keyboard and English keyboard.

Use the soft keyboard feature for rare punctuation. (See "Tone marks onto pinyin")

Type Chinese


  1. To use the proofreading tools to proofread in Chinese, highlight the selected
    text for proofreading, then go to the "Tools" menu, select "Language" and
    click on "Set language."
  2. Select "Chinese" from the dialog box that appears.
  3. Click on "Spelling and Grammar" under the "Tools" menu to proofread the selected text.

Tone marks onto pinyin

  1. Change the language indicator in the task bar to Chinese (CH).
  2. Choose the soft keyboard icon from the language bar.
  3. Right click on the soft keyboard when it appears on your screen.
  4. Choose Pinyin when the vertical menu appears with options for the soft
  5. Click on the desired letter with the desired Pinyin tone mark.

Edit off-line phrase tool

While entering a phrase in a document, select it while underlined and press Enter.

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