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Language Learning Resources: More Languages

Language Learning Resources at Willamette University

This section provides some free online resources for learning languages that are not offered at Willamette. Did you independently learn a language and have advice or resources for other students? Please contact us at and share!


  • You can use this website to find an Indonesian language exchange partner. This means you find someone who speaks Indonesian and wants to learn English so you can swap language lessons, either by emailing, text chatting, or using voice chat. This website has lots of native Indonesian speakers who are looking for help with English so you should be able to find a great partner very easily.
  • Hopefully with these two websites you can learn and practice the basics of Bahasa Indonesian and get to a conversational level very quickly.


  • You may have heard of Duolingo. This is a really fun, easy way to learn the basics of Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. It's designed to feel more like playing a game than memorizing vocabulary (you gain and lose hearts as you get answers right or wrong), and the iPhone and Android apps make it even easier to "play" in your free time. Signing up is free and if you stick to it you can become conversational quickly.
  • The BBC Italian-learning page is chalk-full of great exercises, grammar, listening activities, games, etc. for Italian. Good ones too! This is helpful because you can focus on reading, writing, speaking, comprehending, grammar as you like. This site also has links to Italian news, tv, and radio. You can also choose to participate in la Mapa Misteriosa which is a 12 week long "Italian video adventure."

English & General Resources

Want to continue improving your English during your stay at Willamette? Take a look at some of these resources!

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