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RHET 362: Telling News: Framing Reality: Finding Newspapers

Databases with Current Newspaper Articles

Finding Different Types of Articles, etc in Proquest Databases

1.  Click on Ethnic NewsWatch or US Newsstream or International Newsstream

2.  Select a type of publication in the SourceType section

3.  Select a type of article/feature in the Document type section.

Databases with Historical Newspaper Articles

Humanities and Fine Arts Librarian

About this course

This course examines news accounts as they construct the meaning of the events they report. Students explore how reality is shaped when the media privileges a particular frame for the events; sketches familiar plotlines, characters, or ideologies; or gives authority to some voices and silences others. Finally, the course addresses the effect of media conventionalizing, in the symbolic complexes addressed and the formulaic stories they spawn, on both the range of interpretations and the range of topics that are publicly addressed.