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MERGENT INTELLECT bundle of 8 databases: MERGENT INTELLECT for Industry Analyses

TEXTUAL and NUMERICAL analyses from Mergent Intellect

Within Mergent Intellect, there are only 2 resources which provide INDUSTRY ANALYSES:

  • FIRST RESEARCH - provides in-depth textual analysis of over 500 industries to choose from covering North America, with primary focus on publicly trade firms.  Industry analyses are primarily lengthy text with a variety of tables. Company names CAN be mentioned throughout any of these reports.  First Research is searchable either by SIC code, NAICS code or keyword.  Look at the top of the screen for a dark blue photos adjacent to a black box with white lettering saying "Search for Industry and Geographic Profiles".  Within each industry, you can view individual components either as a brief OVERVIEW, or as a FULL PROFILE showing all the components as one long document.  Each INDUSTRY OVERVIEW has 11 major components, and may also have additional sub-components (as clickable links on the LEFT side of the screen).  Optionally, you can jump to RELATED INDUSTRIES which are dynamically displayed in the LEFT column.  Printing is offered via normal Control/P commands.  If you want to download one of these First Research reports as a PDF, then you will have to master using the PRINT option on your computer to generate output as a PDF file instead of routing the document to a printer.  
  • KEY BUSINESS RATIOS  - offers 5 years of numerical data through 14 business ratios, covering both private & public firms in North America, clustered by 800 lines of business.  Within each year, ratios are presented by the cross points for Upper quartile, Median quartile and Lower quartile.  There is no mention within Key Business Ratios of any company names, and no textual analysis of this data.  You can quickly export KBR's data as spreadsheets, or you can print the results.

Within Mergent Intellect, there are many references to "SIC Codes" or "NAICS Codes" - -if you are not familiar with those industry codes, then turn to my LibGuide on those code numbers =


Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)

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Gary Klein
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