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GSM 5107: Secondary Marketing - Creating Satisfied Customers: Shortcuts for BSP database

Finding articles on Market share / Market size / Market rankings / Industry profiles / Company profiles / SWOT reports / New products / New businesses

Business Source Premier (database requires WU login)

Of the 200+ databases that the Hatfield Library subscribes to, Business Source Premier offers the broadest coverage for most business research situations and therefore is also the first journal oriented database for AGSM students to turn to, for almost any business, nonprofit  or managerial related topic.

Business Source Premier provides full text access to more than 2,200 academic journals & trade magazines.  It is particularly strong in the areas of marketing, management, MIS, accounting, finance, economics, and systems.  This database also provides access to large numbers of Product reviews, Industry profiles, Market research reports, and SWOT analyses.  Additional full text non-journal content includes country reports, company profiles and several hundred reference books.

Here are some clickable shortcuts for searching the BSP database:

Please note that some of these special phrases are plural, and others are singular!  Each of these items should be searched exactly as shown here INCLUDING the "quotation marks"!

Once you get your initial results from one of those clickable shortcuts, you can modify the second row of lines to add in criteria to focus on your area of interest:  it can be an Industry, a Company, or a Brand name!

Here is an example of starting with the shortcut for "market share", and adding in a company name:

Instead of sorting through 48,000+ articles on any aspect of "market share", we now have 450 articles about "market share" that also mentions NOKIA, a long term manufacturer of smartphones & cell-phones.

Business Source Premier offers full text links in either PDF or HTML formats for about half of all journal & magazine articles identified within this database.  In addition to what this database can directly provide, Willamette University has imbedded links that will tell you if Hatfield Library can provide access to an article through our contracts covering over 30,000 titles, independent of what BSP can provide.  And if Hatfield Library does not have the article in print, online, or in microfilm, we will offer you the option to fill out an Inter Library Loan form.  Typically, about 80% of ILL requests for journal & magazine articles are usually delivered, via email, in about 3 business days.

Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)

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Gary Klein
Mark O. Hatfield Library
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301

Work phone: #503-370-6743

Gary's general work schedule (Fall 2020):
Mon, Tue & Fri = 9am -- 6pm; Wed & Thu = Noon -- 9pm AND ALSO by appointment at other times.