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BUS 3105: Marketing & Company Research: Common elements of GOOD business databases

Examples of 2 citations for business articles

Here is a link to a GOOGLE WORD document that shows the details from 2 different citations for articles that focus on GENERAL MOTORS recent efforts to expand their share of new sales of Electric Vehicles.

4 questions for you to respond to:

  • Which of the citations gives you the richer set of information about the underlying articles?
  • Which of the citations will connect you with the most relevant underlying articles?
  • Which of the citations gives you the most methods for finding additional articles about General Motors and its efforts to expand sales?
  • Which of the citations gives you the most tools to locate additional articles about the industry that General Motors competes in?

Both of these citations come from actual business databases that you can access from the Hatfield Library.

Using FIELD CODES with 2 business databases

Here is a GOOGLE document that spells out some of the unique FIELD CODES found in business databases and examples of how to use them while focusing on GENERAL MOTORS for some examples.

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