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ARCH 137: Intro to Global Archaeology: Archeological News

Weekly Oral Report Checklist

  • Be 5 minutes long
  • Include a visual aid
    (e.g. PowerPoint)
  • Be saved as a .pdf
  • Uploaded to Drop Box


  • Date of excavation/ discovery/research
  • Location & date of the site/finds
  • Names of lead researchers
  • Background and context of site/finds
  • High quality images of the site/finds
  • Research questions asked
  • Methods used
  • Significance of the new discovery
  • Researchers’ interpretation of the new discovery
  • Future research questions and directions
  • Correctly formatted bibliography (SAA) with two or more reliable sources

Archaeology News Feeds

Archaeological dig demonstration. Image source:

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Dig Dates 2018, Orkney Archaeology, Nes of Brodgar. Image source:

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Artifacts found after sifting and brushing down. Image source:

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Orkney Summer Shoot, Ness of Brodgar archaeology dig and landscape. Image source:

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Archaeological tools. Image source:

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