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MERGENT INTELLECT bundle of 8 databases: WHY 8 Resources from Mergent Intellect?


The desktop/laptop version of the Mergent Intellect family of databases is a great place to find in-depth all sorts of industry specific profiles; industry specific ratios, and company specific financial data for publicly traded companies.  Mergent Intellect also  offers access to population demographics; consumer psychographics; a business directory, and personal name/address directory -- all under the same "umbrella" of the Mergent Intellect brand name.

  • Mergent Intellect is a collection of 8 different business centric resources under one roof.  You can find Mergent Intellect in the list of databases available from the Mark O. Hatfield Library, which is accessible by currently enrolled students & employees of Willamette University.

  • To minimize problems, it is best if you start by turning to the Hatfield Library's website <https://Library.Willamette.Edu>, and sign into the Library's website with your Willamette University username & password.  Then you need to select the Mergent Intellect link from the list of Hatfield Library's 240+ databases.  And then you select which component from Mergent Intellect that you want to use.
  • No matter which of the 8 resources from Mergent Intellect you want to use, you have to come through the same "doorway" from the Mergent Intellect group.  Unfortunately, we can NOT create separate direct links for any particular service housed by Mergent Intellect..

  • The Mergent Intellect group of resources will not work well on "smartphones".  You need to use either a desktop or laptop computer to have full functionality of this group of business resources.

Gary Klein (librarian for AGSM)