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MERGENT INTELLECT bundle of databases: Logging into Mergent Intellect

Walking you through the Log-In process for Mergent Intellect


Step #1:  Open up the Hatfield Library's website = https://Library.Willamette.Edu

Step #2:  Look for a rust colored box with the text "ACCOUNT LOGIN".  Click on that link, which then asks you to enter your WU username & password. 

NOTE:  Do not enter the WILLAMETTE.EDU part of your email address.  Only enter the USERNAME and password.

Step #3:  Then click on this <> which will directly open up the Mergent Intellect website.

NOTE:  If you are connecting from off-campus, you might be prompted to enter your WU username & password (without the email suffix).

Step #4:  You should now have a sunny aerial view of New York City at the top of your screen, with the Mergent Intellect brand name & logo at the top of that photo.  In the center of that skyline photo is a horizontal white bar. Directly above that white bar is a small blue icon and a note "Results will only include U.S. Companies".  


That horizontal search box will only access the COMPANY DIRECTORY component of Mergent Intellect.  If you want to use any other aspect of Mergent Intellect, then you need to move below, where there are 8 different options, each displayed with a unique graphic.

Mergent Intellect tic tac toe 8 choices

Step #5:  You should now see a "tic-tac-toe" board, with 8 sets of icons & brief explanations on the screen.  For INDUSTRY information, there are only 2 relevant options to consider:  "First Research" and "Key Business Ratios".  Some of these 8 choices will give you an intermediate screen summarizing the unique features of each resource.  You will have to look for either a button marked "Continue" or "Submit" to progress from the welcome screen to the actual underlying resources.

Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)

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Gary Klein
Mark O. Hatfield Library
Willamette University
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Salem, OR 97301

Work phone: #503-370-6743

Gary's general work schedule (Fall 2019):
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