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GERM 340: Introduction to German Literature: Films

Finding German Language Films in the Hatfield Library

Click on this search for Motion Pictures, German to find all of the films we have in the library.

Then click on Show More under the Subject list to see all of the types of films you can choose from. 

Great German Movies from the Weimar Era

Nazi-Era Films from Germany

Places to Watch Videos

The Hatfield Library has three rooms where you can watch VHS and DVD videos.  Several Foreign-Language videos use a format called PAL, which is different from the North America NTSC standard.  AV Room 2 has players where you can watch international PAL VHS and DVD videos.  You can check out keys for all three of these rooms at the Circulation Desk.

Movies from / about West Germany (1945-1989)

Films about Nazi Era Germany

Films from/about East Germany (1945 - 1989)

Movies about Post Reunification German

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