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HIST 308: American Legal History: Primary Sources

New York Times Online

Library of American Civilization (LAC)

This collection of materials on microfiche relates to all aspects of American life from the colonization of the country to WWI.  Includes pamphlets, periodicals, documents, biographies, works of fiction, poetry, collections, and materials of foreign origin relating to America. Each title is cataloged individually, and listed in the online catalog. The set is located on the first floor of the library in the microform area.

Print Collections

Primary sources are documents or other materials written or created during the time period being studied. They may include newspaper reports, government documents, journals, letters, oral histories, songs, stories, or physical objects.

Letters and other writings of prominent persons can be found by searching the online catalog under the author's name.

The following either contain the text of primary materials or provide access to primary materials:

Primary Source Databases