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Omeka Online Exhibitions: FAQ/Tips

Information for students and staff interested in creating web exhibitions in Omeka.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: Some of the library materials for my exhibition aren't digitized yet. How can I get images of them for my online exhibition?

A: The curator of the Omeka online exhibition is responsible for coordinating digitization of any materials not yet in the digital library. Contact the library department responsible for the collections you're using to learn more about their own digitizing procedures.

Q: Do I need specific software to create an Omeka online exhibition?

A: If you don't have Photoshop on your personal computer, it is available on the computers in the Hatfield Library. Google is now offering a tool called Pixlr which also offers many of the same features as Photoshop.

Q: Can I access the administrative interface to Omeka from off campus?

A: Yes when you got to access the project site, you will be prompted for your username and password.


Seasons Theme


To keep a consistent look and feel in your exhibit it is recommended to try and scan all images to the same size.


Planning Your Exhibit

These are some good resources for planning your exhibit:

University of Texas at Arlington Guide


Omeka is incredibly powerful in creating metadata for the objects in the repository, so you should also decide how much time you want to focus on the creation of standardized and complete metadata.

Omeka uses Dublin Core for the metadata of its records:

Copyright and Publication Rights

Copyright and publication rights can be a real issue with making archival sources available. Be sure you have permission to use the image.
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