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BIOL 130: Cell Biology & Genetics: Assignment

Lab 2. Researching through the Library

See your lab book for details. 


- To practice communicating experimental results in written and oral format.

- To recognize the characteristics of reliable information.

- To be able to distinguish between types of published literature in the sciences.

- To learn how to search for information electronically on topics in cell biology, molecular biology & genetics.

- To learn how to find books or articles in the Willamette collection and how to order items from off-site sources using interlibrary loan.

- To understand the importance and conventions for referencing sources of information.

- To meet our friendly science librarian who can assist you in the future.



Search Biosis Preview, Science Direct, Scopus, or Google Scholar for each of the following in relation to your question or subject area:

1. Using the list of relevant terms and concepts you developed prior to lab, find two relevant primary research articles (do no choose articles labeled "ahead of print") using Biosis Preview, Scopus, or Google Scholar.  Cite this using the CSE citation style. At least one of these needs to be published before 2010.  

2. For one of the articles in #1, find a citing source (a later paper that cites the original) and cite it. Cite this using the CSE citation style

3. Find one relevant review article (do not choose articles labeled "epub ahead of print.").

4. Find one relevant book using the Hatfield Library catalog. Cite this using the CSE citation style.  

5. Compare the pros and cons of your search strategy vs. using library resources.

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