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Archaeology Call Number Range

For general call number ranges, visit the 
Library of Congress Classification Outline.

C Auxiliary Sciences of History
     CC Archaeology

CC1-960 Archaeology

CC72-81 Philosophy.Theory

CC73-81 Methodology

CC83-97 Study and teaching. Research

CC135-137 Preservation, restoration, and conservation of antiquities. Antiquities and state

CC140 Forgeries of antiquities

CC200-260 Bells. Campanology. Cowbells

CC300-350 Crosses

CC600-605 Boundary stones

CC700-705 Stone heaps, cairns, etc., of unknown purpose

CC710 Hill figures

CC960 Lanterns of the dead 

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Books at Willamette

Below are key reference books that provide a general overview of a topic or help identify synonyms, related terms, or basic data. These sources often include references and lists of further readings.

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The EBL Ebook Collection is a platform for e-books offering titles in a wide variety of subjects featuring content from hundreds of publishers. There are over 140 ebooks in the EBL dealing specifically with archaeology, including those listed below.  Plus it has over 15,000 additional e-books as part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance's Demand Driven Acquisitions Project. Access to EBL is limited to current students, staff, and faculty of Willamette.  For more e-books, try the EBL Ebook Collection.