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ARTS 116: Introduction to Drawing: Home

This guide will assist you in finding visual representations of Willamette University Buildings housed in the University Archives and Special Collections. The Archives' staff is happy to assist you in finding resources and to help show you how to access the collections through finding aids and demonstrate how to navigate the digital collections. Feel free to stop by anytime Mon - Fri, 9:00-noon; 1:00-4:00.

Helpful Hints

Be aware that the names of buildings sometimes change over time. Examples include:

  1. University Hall = Waller Hall
  2. Salem Post Office = College of Law = Gatke Hall
  3. College of Medicine = Science Hall = Music Hall = Art Building

  • Buildings undergo renovations and are repurposed. For example:
    • The M. Lee Pelton Theatre was renamed in 2011 to honor outgoing WU President,  M. Lee Pelton. Prior to that it was named the Kresge Theater. Originally the building was built to serve as Willamette's gymnasium. 

University Publications document how visions and plans for specific buildings and the campus change over time. 


1. When searching the Archives' website / collections use a variety of words such as "aerial" "birds-eye" or "panoramic"

2. Consider the dates. 

3. Has the name changed? 

4. Use the "search" box on WU's website as a resource.

Basic Questions to Ask When Viewing Visual Resources

Use the Five W's and Single H.

Who: Created the image? Who is in the image? Faculty? Students? Staff? etc. 

What: Is shown? What's not shown? Intentional or unintentional?

Where: Where was the image taken or created? 

When: Can you determine the date created or taken? Visual clues are everywhere.

Why: Why was the image created/taken? Can you determine the original purpose? Secondary or unintended?

How: How was the image created? Drawing? Photo? Type of camera used? 



University Archivist

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Mary McRobinson
Mark O. Hatfield Library

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