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BIOL 130: Cell Biology & Genetics: Assignment

Lab 2. Researching through the Library

See your lab book for details. 


- Recognize the characteristics of reliable information.

- Learn to search for digital information on topics in cell biology, molecular biology & genetics.

- Learn to locate books or articles through the Hatfield Library and how to order items from off-site sources using interlibrary loan.

- Distinguish between types of published literature in the sciences (i.e. popular vs. scholarly).

- Recognize the characteristics of primary, secondary and tertiary literature.

- Understand the importance and conventions for referencing sources of information. 

- Meet our friendly science librarian who can assist you in the future.



Search Biosis Preview, Science DIrect, or Scopus for each of the following in relation to your question or subject area:

1. Find one relevant review article (do not choose articles labeled “epub ahead of print”). Cite this using the CSE citation style by following precisely the instructions and examples. 

2. Find two relevant primary research articles (do not choose article labeled “ahead of print”). Cite this using the CSE citation style

3. Find one relevant book using the Hatfield Library catalog. Cite this using the CSE citation style.  

4. Using Biosis Preview, Scopus, or Google Scholar, find one additional relevant article published before 2010.  It needs to be cited a few times by other articles.  Then select one of the citing sources and cite it using the CSE citation style.

Lab 6: Wheat Germ Acid Phosphatase Lab

These two databases will help you find articles on wheat germ acid phosphatase, ph and temperature. 

Biosis Previews -You've used this database before.  This is good for general biology and has articles on wheat germ acid phosphatase. You might want to turn off the "Lemmatization" feature on the search page.

Google Scholar - This general resource turns up quite a few articles on wheat germ acid phosphatase.  Just add another term like "temperature" or "pH" to your search to limit your results.

Science Direct - This database indicates if articles are original experimental articles or review articles which reviews the work of other scientists. 

If you're looking for an article to pattern your wheat germ acid phosphatase lab after, try looking at these two articles about Purification and some properties of wheat germ acid phosphatases or hysteretic enzyme adaptation to environmental pH. Notice the order of the main sections which is similar to the article you reviewed in lab: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusion.

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