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Submitting Student Theses: How to Submit a Thesis


Save your thesis as a PDF file and name it in the following format.  Keep files under 30 MB. 


Submitting Your Thesis

Log into,20,24 and select your thesis department.  Fill out the following fields:

  • Author
  • Title (including subtitles--please do NOT put the entire title in upper case.)
  • Date of Issue (Current year)
  • Type (Thesis)
  • Language (English (United States))
  • Subject Keywords: Add 5-6 phrases or words that describe the key concepts of your work. Click ADD after each phrase.
  • Abstract (use first paragraph if you don't have an abstract)
  • Faculty Advisor (your thesis advisor’s name)
  • Sponsors (Include the grant name and organization name if you received funding for your project)
  • Description (Any additional info goes here)

Upload File(s)

  • Choose your correctly named (format is above) thesis file
  • File Description: Add a brief description of the file.  This is very useful if you have multiple files, such as code, data, graphics, videos, etc. 
  • For additional files, select UPLOAD FILE & ADD ANOTHER.  You can add multiple files, and the file size limit is very large. Please ZIP and compress large files. If your file is too large contact John Repplinger ( for assistance. You will likely need to place it on a shared file so we can upload the file through our administrative interface. 
  • Click NEXT to review the info you provided, and then click NEXT for the Distribution License. 

Distribution License

As part of the submission process, you grant the University the right to preserve and provide access the material by future Willamette University students and faculty. At the University's discretion your senior thesis may also be added to a public access collection within Willamette's institutional repository. For more information, see the Academic Commons Intellectual Property Policy.

Verification Process

After your thesis is uploaded, the files and metadata are reviewed by designated subject librarians before it is officially included in the thesis collection.  Corrections and additional details may be necessary, but once the librarian has reviewed the submission it will appear in the Academic Commons. 

Questions and Help

Contact John Repplinger ( or 503-370-6525) or Bill Kelm ( or 503-375-5332).