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Course Reserves: Main

General Information

Library books, audiovisual materials, and personally owned items may be placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk to be checked out during the semester by students enrolled in a course. These items check out for short periods of time and are shelved behind the Circulation Desk.

Check-Out Lengths available :

2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, and 3 days

All faculty will have 24 hours for items on two or four hour reserve. 

Books and audiovisual materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan, Summit, the Law Library, other libraries, or video rental stores cannot be placed on reserve, nor can non-circulating items such as periodicals or reference materials be placed on reserve.

Permanent Reserves

The Library cannot place Willamette-owned items on permanent reserve. They can be placed on reserve for fall or spring semester or the entire academic year. 

Personal copies can be placed on permanent reserve in the Hatfield Library. 

Library Items

To place Willamette-owned items on reserve:

1. You can retrieve library items from the stacks and submit them directly to the Circulation Desk with a Reserve Request Form available in the library

2. You can fill out the electronic Reserve Placement Request Form and we will retrieve the items for you. Please include the author's name, the item's title, the call number, the desired check-out period, and the course name.

3. You can e-mail with a list of items that you would like to be placed on reserve. Please include as much bibliographic information as possible, course name, and desired check-out length. 

Personal Copies

Your personal materials may be placed on reserve. You can submit them to the Circulation Desk along with a completed form. These items will have a call number and barcode attached to them. Some amount of wear and tear should be expected when an item is put on reserve. The library is not responsible for personal copies that are lost or damaged by students. Upon your request, items can be restricted to in-library use only.

Textbooks on Reserve

Professors are encouraged to place personal copies of required textbooks on reserve for their students. In general, textbooks are not commonly purchased for the library collection.  

Course Reserves and WISE

The easiest way to integrate Library Course Reserves into your WISE site is to do the following:

  1. From your Course Site choose site info and then from the top menu choose Edit tools.
  2. Choose the option for Web Content.
  3. For the title change it to “Course Reserves”.
  4. In the Source field put in the URL below and update the course code after the equal sign with your course (no spaces).
  5. Once you click finish, you will have a “Course Reserve” link on the side bar which should retrieve a list of all library items in on reserve for your course.

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