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Personal Librarians: Home

Library Services

The library is more than just a building full of books. We've got lots of services and facilities to help you do your best work.

  • Archival materials & historical resources
  • Ebooks & digital resources
  • Video collection
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Printers (WUPrint)
  • Private study rooms
  • Audio-visual spaces
  • Desktop computers
  • Light therapy lamps
  • Laptop chargers
  • Bike locks
  • Vending machines
  • Whiteboards & markers
  • Citation help
  • Research help

Technology Assistance

Library staff can address basic computer issues, and we may attempt to help out with moderate technology problems. However, for complex and advanced technical issues, our library staff will likely direct you to Willamette Integrated Technology Services (WITS) in Smullin Hall (Room 118). 

Basic directions for printing, network storage, guest wifi, BlitzNet, and more are available at:

What We Can't Do

We do everything we can for our students, and we're always trying to think of new and better ways to serve. But there are things that we can't do, because of ethics, school policies, or physics. Things we can't do:

 Guarantee a grade.

We can teach you how to find resources and identify good ones. However, students are responsible for doing their work, and professors are responsible for grading it. If you need to clarify instructions or you're worried about your grade, contact your professor.

 Write your papers for you.

Do you need an appointment at the Writing Center? They can help you make a strategy for writing and finishing your paper.

 Turn back time.

Project due tomorrow? We can't give out the secrets of Librarian Time Travel, but we'll help the best we can to track down resources you can obtain. We can help you come up with time-management strategies, and we might know of resources to help speed up your work.

What are Personal Librarians?

Think of a Personal Librarian as a go-to person in the library. First-year and transfer students are paired up with a librarian to serve as an individual contact person within the library from day one. They'll have a name, face, and specific contact to help with any questions about the library, research, or collections.

Studies have shown (1)(2) that students do better when they have personal connections throughout their university community. The Personal Librarians will help our new students build their communities at WU, making their first experience more positive and less intimidating. It also gives us an additional opportunity to let students know what kinds of resources are available at the library. We provide services that students might not know to ask about, such as help with citations and even looking for resources outside of the library. 

Personal Librarians are in addition to our efforts with College Colloquium courses.

We will contact students three times during the first semester via email, and at least once during the spring semester. We hope to meet with each of our designated students individually (we might even have a special treat for them!)


How can my Personal Librarian Help me?

Your personal librarian can assist with:

  • Planning how to start or what to do next
  • Formulating your research question
  • Identifying appropriate resources, search strategies, and more
  • Searching for information and teach how it was done
  • Obtaining materials from our library and other libraries
  • Helping to cite resources
  • Verifying if citations are correct
  • Answering questions about library services, policies and procedures


How do I find my Personal Librarian?

You can find your Personal Librarian alphabetically by your last name. 

Your Last Name Your Personal Librarian  
A-B Doreen Simonsen
C-D Gary Klein
E-G Susan Irwin
H-J Carol Drost

K-M & 

Maggie Froelich
N-Q Joni Roberts
R-T John Repplinger
U-Z Elizabeth Peters
Charity Braceros-Simon Charity Braceros-Simon
Shaleigh Westphall


What if I'm not a First-Year student?

For transfer students, Charity Braceros-Simon is your Personal Librarian. Otherwise, contact the library's subject specialist for your major or the closest subject area of your research.

Virtual Tour of the Library

(2:34 minutes long)


Study Spaces in the Library

Main group study area. Each table has electrical outlets, and there are large portable dry erase boards (1st floor).


Group study area with movable tables and dry erase boards (1st floor).


The Fish Bowl is a study area available 24-7 with WU ID card. It has two desktop computers, a printer, vending machines, rentable lockers, a book swap cart, and a great view of the Jackson Plaza and the Mill Stream (1st floor).


The second floor is our designated Quiet Floor. Some study carrels have computers, and many others have electrical outlets for laptops. The south side of the library has an abundance of natural light and view of the soccer/lacrosse field (2nd floor). 


The southeast corner of the library provides a beautiful area for quiet study. Electrical outlets are mounted on tables for easy access. Outside are cacti, bird watching stations, a lemon tree, and a metal sculpture (1st floor).


The north side of the building overlooks the Mill Stream and a great spot to relax and watch wildlife. It is one of the most coveted quiet study places on campus because of the view from the comfy chairs (1st floor).