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ENGL 454: Vampires: Finding Videos

Vampire Films

Ways to watch DVDs on Campus

1.  AV Rooms 1 and 2  (Mark O. Hatfield Library Second Floor).  Check out keys at the Circulation Desk.

Students are welcome to contact the DLS or drop by to reserve the studio for group viewings of DVDs and we will be happy to assist them, especially in the evening or when there are no classes utilizing the space. For individual DVD watching, the studio has 7 iMACS, with external DVD drives available that can be used as DVD watching stations, students can contact us and we can reserve an iMAC for them. The studio is located in Ford 101, or we can be reached at or 503-375-5492

Dracula-Based Films

Streaming Videos

Find More Streaming Vampire-Related Videos

Willamette University

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