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Chemistry: Books

Chemistry Books

The Library of Congress classification system is used to group similar subjects together, which makes the collection browsable. Here are some related chemistry subjects and their call numbers.

Q Science General
QA Math
QB Astronomy
QC Physics
QD Chemistry
QD 1-65 General Chemistry
QD 71-142 Analytical Chemistry
QD 146-197 Inorganic Chemistry
QD 241-441 Organic Chemistry
QD 415-436 Biochemistry
QD 450-801 Phys/Theor. Chem.
QD 625-655 Radiation Chemistry
QD 701-735 Photochemistry
QD 901-999 Crystallography
QE Geology
QH Biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology
R Medicine
RM Pharmacology
TP Chemical Technology

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