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ARTH 202: Introduction to Art Museum Studies: Reference Materials

Postage Stamp Websites

Your Assignment

Each pair of students will select a box, which will contain several hundred postage stamps from a single country. Your job will be to explore and study these stamps until you come up with an idea/theme for an exhibition that will include 20-24 stamps. The exhibition theme could be whatever you wish. It could focus on the designs of the stamps themselves or the philately of that particular country, or it could take a more iconographic approach, focusing on famous individuals, artworks and/or monuments, flora or fauna, history or historical events, social issues, etc. You decide! The boxes of stamps will be kept on reserve at the Hatfield Library together with trays (for sorting), loupes (for magnifying) and tongs (for handling).

Salvador Dali: Alchimie Des Philosophies

A sample online exhibition at the Willamette University Library made using the Omeka software.

Dante on Stamps

An authoritative resource and comprehensive catalog of postage stamps, first day covers, cancellations, and other philatelic items depicting the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

Encyclopedias and More

Reference Books