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MUSC 231: Music Theory III: Reference Materials


Write a 4-7 page formal paper outlining your analysis and interpretation of the piece.  It should include the following:

1. Diagram the formal structure of the piece, discuss how text influences form, and highlight important structural/transitional passages.

2. Discuss the harmonic language of the composition and highlight anything unusual/deviations from the norm.

3. Discuss what the basic musical elements are and how they evolve.

4. Discuss how the setting reflects the text and how the text influences the music, focusing on key phrases that summarize the piece or that focus musical energy, and also focusing on unusual text settings.  

Schumann Opus 104 No. 7   Gekämpft hat meine Barke. (Elisabeth Kulmann)

Wolf Auf ein altes Bild  (Mörike)

Wolf Das Verlassene Mägdlein   (Mörike)

Wolf  Ein Stündlein Wohl vor Tag  (Mörike)

Wolf In der Frühe  (Mörike)

Wolf Peregrina I (Mörike)

Print Reference Books

Below are key reference books that provide a general overview of a topic or help identify synonyms, related terms, or basic data. These sources often include references and lists of further readings.

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