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Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics: Web Resources

Selected Politics / Public Policy / Election Resources from the Web

General Politics Sources

Political Resources on the Net
Listings of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world. Arranged by country.
International Affairs Resources
From the WWW Virtual Library, provides links to media resources, organizations, regions and countries, as well as a listing by topics in international relations.

Associations and Organizations

American Political Science Association
Information about the association, including publications, conferences, and grants and fellowships. Also provides links to Political Science Departments throughout the country. A collection of papers presented at the 1997 annual conference is available at Political Research Online (PROceedings).
Pacific Northwest Political Science Association
Includes a list of political scientists in the Northwest, as well as conference information.

Current News

CNN (Cable News Network)
Up to the minute news from the Cable News Network.
Compiles current polling information from a variety of new sources.
Newspapers on the Internet
A large list of U.S. and foreign newspapers available via the Internet.
PBS Newshour
Current news only. Full transcripts are separately available for each segment.
C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network)
Includes schedule and summaries of Congressional activities.  Provides live & recorded sessions of selected Congressional sessions, hearings, and public meetings of committees.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
A non-profit news source that focuses on events in eastern and central Europe, and in the former Soviet Union.
ISN Current World Affairs
Provides links to documents related to current international conflicts, security issues, and other events in world politics.


Oregon's Secretary of State Office, Elections Division
Current information about Oregon's elections, including candidate lists, ballot measures.
Center for Responsive Politics'
"The online source for money in politics data." Provides an easy way to look up federal candidate campaign contributions and how much individual donors and PACs contribute to campaigns.
Project Vote Smart
A source for federal and state election information, including information about the voting record of candidates.
Ballot Watch
Information about state ballot measures, including background information on the initiative and referendum process in each state. Sponsored by the Initiative & Referendum Institute.
The organization’s coverage includes candidates and general U.S. political information. Ballotpedia’s original scope was information about what is on voters’ ballots, with emphasis on neutral data, to assist them in their voting decisions. For some candidates, Ballotpedia is the only place online where voters can find a general informational article about a candidate not published by the candidate. In 2022, they expanding local election coverage, with an emphasis on states where the state government provides local candidate lists.
American National Election Studies
Compilation of National Election Studies data from 1948 to present. Provides summaries of social, economic, partisan, and public opinion characteristics of the American electorate.
Library of Congress' Guides to U.S. Election Statistics
Official vote tallies for U.S. Federal elections:  Presidential results as far back as 1789, while results for Congressional races go back to 1920.
Electoral College Home Page
Historical and current information about the Electoral College, provided by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Electronic Journals

Government Executive
A professional magazine for government officials. Articles from Jan. 1996 are available.
Harvard Political Review
An undergraduate journal devoted to non-partisan analysis of politics and public policy. A limited archive of older issues is available.
Human Rights Quarterly
Scholarly journal providing current research in human rights policies. Full text articles available starting in 1995.
Journal of Democracy
A scholarly journal providing analysis of competing democratic viewpoints from an international perspective. Full-text articles available starting in 1990.
Peace and Conflict Studies
Articles address issues related to peace research and conflict analysis. Journal is published by the Published by the Lentz Peace Research Association on behalf of the Network of Peace and Conflict Studies. Archive includes issues back to 1995. Some articles are available in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat to view.
Political Research Quarterly
A peer reviewed journal publishing articles in all areas of political science. Internet edition provides table of contents and abstracts only.
Roll Call Online
News, gossip and special interest articles related to the U.S. Congress. Internet edition is free but only carries selected articles.  Hatfield Library can also provide full text access to Roll Call as a magazine, going back to 1998 which carries less gossip and lengthier articles..
SAIS Review of International Affairs
Scholarly and practical experience articles about contemporary world affairs. Full text articles available starting in 2003.
Theory & Event
A interdisciplinary journal relating political theory to contemporary politics and literary criticism. Available via the Internet only since the first issue in 1997.
World Politics
A peer reviewed journal publishing articles in articles, all of the disciplines, methods, and viewpoints relevant to international relations and comparative politics. Full text articles available starting in 1996.

Other Selected Sites

Presidents of the United States
A good starting point for basic information about U.S. Presidents.
National Security Archive
An independent non-governmental research institute that publishes declassified documents from George Washington University in DC.
European Union
Official website of the European Union 27 democratic sovereign member states with social market economies, that are located primarily in Europe. 
U.S. Federal Depository Library Program
Summary description of the United States Federal Depository Program which the Hatfield Library formally participates in.

Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)