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Social Sciences WWW Virtual Library -- The Internet Guide to Social Sciences
This site provides access to documents, resources and information in the Social Sciences.
Yahoo's Sociology Page
Yahoo identifies and organizes sociology resources on the Internet.

Adulthood and Aging

National Institute on Aging (NIA)
The NIA "promotes healthy aging by conducting and supporting biomedical, social, and behavioral research and public education."

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS)
AGS "is the premier professional organization of health care providers dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all older adults."
Social Gerontology & the Aging Revolution
Created by a professor from Trinity University, this site has an enormous amount of information relating to gerontological issues. It includes materials on politics, economics, biology, psychology and sociology of aging.

Marriages and Families

Forum on Child and Family Statistics
This site, created by the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, "offers easy access to federal and state statistics and reports on children and their families."
National Partnership for Women & Families
This organization uses public education and advocacy to promote fairness in the workplace, quality health care, and policies that help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family.
Sloan Work and Family Research Network
This site offers a host of information on work and family research.

Death, Dying and Bereavement

The End of Life: Exploring Death in America
This interesting web site created by staff from National Public Radio (NPR), includes transcripts from various NPR programs dealing with death, a list of resources for people with life-threatening diseases, an extensive bibliography, readings and more.
Sociology of Death and Dying
Created by a professor from Trinity University, this site has all sorts of interesting information on death including how we die, death across cultures and time, death and social institutions, moral debates on deaths by abortion or capital punishment and more.

Social Research Design/Polling Information

The ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
This ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) site contains the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection database with records on over 10,000 tests and research instruments; the records describe the instruments and provide availability information. Includes citations to review information from reference guides such as Mental Measurements Yearbooks and Test Critiques (resources available in the Hatfield library Reference collection).
Gallup Organization
This organization is responsible for conducting the Gallup Poll, a leading source of public opinion since 1935. Their web site makes available all sorts of polling information on a wide variety of topics.
ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
ICPSR provides: access to the world's largest archive of computerized social science data; training facilities for the study of quantitative social analysis techniques; and resources for social scientists using advanced computer technologies.
The Polling Report
This site offers polling results on a wide variety of topics (including abortion, the death penalty, gun control, global warming and more) from many of the top pollsters in the United States.
Research Methods Knowledge Base (RMKB)
This is a "comprehensive web-based textbook that addresses all of the topics in a typical introductory undergraduate or graduate course in social research methods." A great place to go for help with the whole research process, RMKB was created by a professor from Cornell University.
" is an international collaborative project whose aim is to give voice to public opinion around the world on international issues.  The website provides information and analysis about public opinion on international policy issues from around the world."



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