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Services and resources available to current Willamette faculty

Requesting Journals

The library provides access to over 30,000 journal titles in print or electronic format.  Our preferred format is electronic whenever possible and affordable.  If you would like to suggest that the library consider adding a new journal title, contact your liaison librarian.  

Information regarding the University libraries' current periodical holdings is available in the library's catalog or under Journal Finder on our homepage.  Some of the libraries print copies of periodicals are located on the first floor of the library in alphabetical order and others are stored off site; they do not circulate. If you need something from a periodical shelved off site, just fill out an interlibrary loan article request form and we will get it for you.  

Collection Development Policy

The library's collection development policy provides information on our collection guidelines, policies, etc.

Requesting Books for the Library

The library's first collection development priority is the acquisition of materials that directly support the needs of the undergraduate and graduate educational program.  Faculty research needs are also important and the library strives to support those needs when possible and as funds allow.  We welcome your suggestions for titles to be added to the collection.  You can requests books from the library's homepage using the Suggest a Title link.  You can also send e-mail requests, book lists or catalogs to your department's or school's liaison librarian

The library's primary book vendor also offers electronic notification of new books in your discipline.  This service is called GOBI Notification and through this service you will be notified on a regular basis about new publications.  Your liaison librarian will set you up to receive these notifications.  An email will be sent to you and will include a link; clicking on the link will bring you to a list of books.  You can browse through the list and decide which titles you would like to recommend for the library.  Mark these by clicking on the left or right margin (a solid blue bar will appear when you've selected a title).  Click on "Recommend" and your work is done!

Requesting Video or Sound Recordings

You may request videos or sound recordings for the library's collection the same way you request books.  Typically, films will be acquired in DVD format.  Because of budget limitations, the library may ask that a department or school contribute money towards the purchase of expensive videos (over $300).

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