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Finding Trade Associations & Professional Societies: Examples of an organization & their documents

These are actual organizations with examples of their research documents touching on Electric Vehicles


  • Website =
  • Mission = "The IEA works with governments and industry to shape a secure and sustainable energy future for all".
  • Membership = "The IEA is made up of 31 member countries and 8 association countries".
  • Areas of work = "Our work spans a variety of programmes and initiatives, helping ensure energy security, tracking clean energy transitions, collecting data, or providing training around the world".
  • Resources authored, commissioned or published by the IEA are available for many categories of their research:  Countries / Fuels / Technologies / Topics / Programmes / Data sets / Policies.
  • Document Title = Global EV Outlook 2021Subtitle = Accelerating ambitions despite the pandemicURL =



  • Website =
  • Mission = "We're here to solve the planet's most pressing problems".
  • Values = "Science in the service of people and the planet. Justice and Equity...for people of all races and incomes—now, and for future generations. Courage to take principled, science-based stands in the public arena. Integrity to always examine evidence critically, openly, and honestly. Democracy to promote a voice for all in government decisions. Action inspiring and mobilizing people to build a healthier, safer, and more just world.".
  • Areas of work = Climate.  Energy.   Transportation.  Food.   Nuclear Weapons.   Science & Democracy.
  • Resources authored, commissioned or published by the UCUSA from their website are located behind the tab labeled "Reports & Multimedia"
  • Document Title = The Electric Cars of the Future Are Already Here Today.  November 30, 2022.  URL =



  • Website =
  • Mission = "Our mission is to improve the environmental performance and energy efficiency of road, marine, and air transportation, in order to benefit public health and mitigate climate change".
  • About = "The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 2001 to provide first-rate, unbiased research and technical and scientific analysis to environmental regulators. In the last five years alone, we have worked successfully with regulators and lawmakers around the world and have played a significant role in 48 distinct regulations and policies".
  • Areas of focus = Decarbonizing transportation.  Zero-emission vehicles.   Alternative fuels.  Electrification.   Charging infrastructure.  Life-cycle analyses.   Fleets.   Strategies.  Tracking progress.
  • Resources authored, commissioned or published by the ICCT from their website are located behind the tab labeled "Insight & Analysis+"
  • Document Title = Power play: Evaluating the U.S. position in the global electric vehicle transition.  June 2021.  URL =
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