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How to Find Musical Scores: Finding Individual Scores in Collected Works Sets

What are Collected Works?

Collected works are sets of printed music of one composer’s complete works. The titles of these collected sets are often in the original language of the composer such as: 

Sa╠łmtliche Werke [German]  
Oeuvres Complètes [French]
To see the many types of titles look at this list from American University:

Collected Editions are very useful as a source for locating a work not available as individual score in the library collection. 
You can find them by browsing the M3 scores.

Finding Scores in a Collected Works Set Using Grove Music Online

You can locate individual items in a composer's collected works using the Grove Music Online database .

Here is as section from the article on Johannes Brahms.

Collected Works in the Library's Catalog

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