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IDS 101: Unsettling Race in the Pacific Northwest: Finding Primary Sources


Primary Resources

Primary Sources are original materials from the time period involved, and have not been filtered, influenced or analyzed through interpretation. They bring us as close to the original event or thought as possible. 

  • Examples: original research, preprints, letters, correspondence, diaries, court cases, interviews, pictorial works, fiction, poetry, autobiographies, memoirs, newspaper articles that are published directly after an event, government documents.

Willamette Archives and Special Collections

The Willamette University Archives and Special Collections offers a treasure trove of information to those interested in Willamette and Salem History. Besides the physical collections, some of the materials are also available online. Some examples of special interest:

Other Local/Regional Resources

Willamette University

Willamette University Libraries

Mark O. Hatfield Library
900 State Street.
Salem Oregon 97301
Pacific Northwest College of Art Library
511 NW Broadway.
Portland Oregon 97209