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Google Apps: Forms

A basic guide to using Google Apps at Willamette

What Are Google Forms?

Google Forms are an easy way to collect, track, and organize information from any number of people. Google Forms automatically enter all data collected from the surveys into a Spreadsheet where you can easily view the organized information and edit it if you so desire. Forms can be answered anonymously or can collect the respondent's name, and has a wide variety of other customization options.

Uses of Google Forms

Uses of Google Forms include:

  • surveys
  • self-assessments
  • instant feedback
  • quizzes
  • reporting tech problems or other issues
  • gathering ideas
  • collecting information for group orders (t-shirt sizes, etc)
  • sign up sheets
  • reserving rooms/equipment

For more ideas on using Google Forms in an educational setting, check out 80 Interesting Ways To Use Google Forms In The Classroom.

Accessing and Creating Forms

To access Google Forms, go to and sign in using your Willamette e-mail and password.

Click the "Create" button and select "Form." You can then choose from a variety of themes for your form. 

There are a lot of options regarding what type of question you want to create, which allows for a wide variety of Google Forms uses. You can continue creating as many questions as you like by hitting the "Add Item" below the question(s). 

Google Forms automatically puts your form responses into a new Spreadsheet with a generic title, but you can change this by clicking the "Choose response destination" tab near the top of the page.

You can preview your form at anytime by clicking the "View Live Form" button near the top of the page. This will show you what others will see when they take your survey.

When you have finished your form, you can click the "Send Form" button at the bottom of the page to share it with others. You can copy the link given and post it anywhere you like or e-mail it yourself, enter e-mail addresses to invite people to take your survey, or share the link through social media. You can also get the code to embed the survey into a webpage or elsewhere. This button also allows you to invite collaborators to your form.

If your form has a deadline, you can always go back into the form and click the "Accepting responses" to close the form and prevent any more answers from coming in. The button will then change to "Not accepting responses."



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