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IDS 101: Chinese Myths and Tales in Films: Reference

Course Description--Chinese Myths and Tales in Films

This course will explore how various tales embody the cultural values, maintain local traditions, and express regional and national identities throughout Chinese history. We will examine recent films such as Mulan and Over the Moon as well as myths from two thousand years ago and tales like Yexian (Cinderella) from the ninth century. We will discover how folklorists analyze folk and fairy tales, jokes, and rumors, and study how media representation plays a role in drawing boundaries and stereotypes between us and them in our current global communication. Included in our comparative studies are tales from the Brothers Grimm and Disney films. We will also learn the magic formula as we engage in writing our own enchanting tales.

Course taught by: Juwen Zhang        Colloquium Associate:   Brianna Kurtenbach

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