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AI Resources for Faculty

This resource is designed to assist faculty in the developing landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

Incorporating AI Tools Into Your Teaching

Although many faculty are concerned about the academic integrity implications of students using tools like ChatGPT, generative AI can also be used to enhance and support teaching. The following are some ways that instructors can incorporate AI tools into your teaching. (source:

  • Generate responses to common student questions or emails.
  • Create test questions or test question answer options.
  • Draft lesson plans or assignment instructions.
  • Generate feedback comments to create a comment bank for assignments.
  • Create examples or samples for students to compare their own work to or analyze.
  • Walk students through how to use ChatGPT like a sophisticated version of Grammarly to revise and edit their writing.
  • Demonstrate how to use ChatGPT as a basic tutoring tool to help students get explanations for confusing concepts.
  • Use ChatGPT to give students’ real-time feedback on their writing in language learning classes.
  • Summarize qualitative student feedback from the Institutional Research Office.

Sample Assignments

The following are primarily from 100+ ChatGPT examples for educators 
(Sources: ;


  • Academic Writing (General)
    - ChatGPT can serve as a virtual tutor, providing problem-solving scenarios to stimulate critical thinking. Prompt: Provide a problem on morality to stimulate critical thinking skill among freshman students. 
    Step-by-step instructions for how to write an abstract. Prompt: Provide step-by-step instructions to prepare an abstract.
    How to write a problem statement. Prompt: Please give me step-by-step instructions on how to generate a problem statement for the field study of [field of study].
  • Art and Design 
    - Prompt: My students are working on a visual arts project and need some inspiration. Can you suggest some art movements or design principles that align with the them of the project, which is focused on [theme]?
    - Simply give ChatGPT the artistic style/theme/mood/topic you are looking for, and let it do the magic. You can then feed these art prompts into Text to Art AT generators like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to see them turn into reality.
    - ChatGPT as an art techniques expert. Prompt: Explain the [art technique] in detail.
  • Business
    - Create step-by-step instructions on how to write a resignation letter. Prompt: Help me write a resignation letter that is both balanced and respectful to the employer. 
    - Create a business plan. Prompt: Help me to write a business plan for [specific industry] along with an example.
    - Build a resume. Prompt: Can you walk me through the process of building a resume that is geared specifically for [industry or business], plus a cover letter too?
    - Use ChatGTP to provide practical lessons on personal finance, budgeting, and even investing strategies and advice. Prompt: You are an experienced investor. We are giving you USD10000 for you to invest. Provide me with your best investment portfolio using this money to achieve 20% return in 2 years time.
    - Gain guidance and insight on entrepreneurship, business and marketing strategies, and practical skill needed to start a business. Prompt: Can you provide an overview of the fundamental aspects of starting and running a business, and offer practical advice and tips for students who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. 
  • Computer Science and IT
    - ChatGPT can create code and build an app for you, including an app to summarise essays. Prompt: Write the code to build an app on [purpose and function of the app]."
    - Assist with programming code debugging and troubleshooting. Prompt: Here is a programming problem [programming problem]. Assist with debugging and troubleshooting the problem related to [programming language or concept.}
  • Environmental Studies 
    - ChatGPT as an environmental impact simulator to teach students ways to mitigate environmental damage. Prompt: Imagine a scenario where a city is planning to construct a new highway that will cut through a forested area. Can you simulate and describe the potential consequences of constructing the highway on the ecosystem, wildlife habitats, air and water quality, and overall biodiversity? Additionally, provide suggestions for mitigating the environmental damage and promoting sustainable practices in the construction and operation of the highway.
  • Geography
    - Use ChatGPT to train students on global landmarks identification. Prompt: Generate geography quiz questions and challenge the students to identify global landmarks. 
    - ChatGPT can analyze landforms of a location, such as... Prompt: Analyze the landforms of Mississippi and explain their formation process.
  • History
    - Use ChatGTP as a history expert. Prompt: Provide historical facts and context related to [period/event].
    - Historical reenactments and resurrecting dead historical figures (roll playing). You can simulate conversations with historical figures who are no longer around. Prompt: Let's simulate a conversation with [historical figure]. Respond as if you were that person, based on their historical perspective. 
  • Language and Creative Writing
    - Generate essay prompts. Prompt: Could you generate a list of [number] essay with prompts for the [topic]?
    - Practice Language Learning like French for instance. Prompt: I would like you to practice French conversation with my students. Ask them questions about food and provide feedback on their response. 
    - Use ChatGTP as a creative writer's guide to help students with character development or backstory creation for their writing assignments. Prompt: I'm working on a new character for a game of mine, and I need him to have the most ridiculous backstory ever. Like, literally, so ridiculous that it arguably doesn't make sense. I need it to include the following themes: royalty, abandonment, hell dimensions, seagulls, loss of limb, and enlightenment. Can you think of a ridiculous backstory for him?
    - Assist with media literacy and critical analysis. Prompt: Can you assist in analyzing this news article in double quotes for bias and helping students understand media literacy concepts involved?"
    - Use it as a grammar teacher. Prompt: Teach the grammar rule of [specific rule] and provide examples to illustrate its usage.
    - Use as a thesaurus. Prompt: Introduce a list of new vocabularies related to [mood/concept/word] and provide example sentences for each word.
  • Mathematics
    - Provide step-by-step mathematical solutions. Prompt: Demonstrate step-by-step solutions for the equation [ equation] to help students understand the solution process.
    - Use it for data analysis. prompt: Analyze the five set of data: [data] and help identify patterns, trends, and draw conclusions.
  • Music
    - ChatGPT as a music composer. Prompt: write a piano piece in the style of Mozart.
  • Philosophy and Ethics
    - Engage in philosophical discussions with student by having them ask philosophical questions. Prompt: What is the meaning of life?
  • Psychology
    - Learn about emotional Intelligence. Prompt: Can you provide an explanation of what emotional intelligence is and why it is important for personal and social well-being? Also offer some practical strategies and exercises that students can practice to develop their emotional intelligence skills.
  • Science 
    - Generate non-textbook science experiment ideas with ChatGTP. Prompt: Generate ideas for science experiments for [subject] related to [topic] that can be conducted in a classroom setting.
    - Simulate virtual labs. Prompt: Simulate a virtual lab environment where students can perform experiments and analyze data for [specific science topic].
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