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CCM 202: Designing Persuasive Campaigns: Starting Point

In-Class Presentation by Gary Klein, librarian for Civic Communication & Media

QUICK LOOK:  Census for any community in the United States - default search is for the entire country, then you can search for a specific State, County, City, Town or Zipcode of your choice

What is the U.S. Census?  What is IN the Census?  What is NOT in the Census? (opens up separate WORD document)background &  overview of major components; and a brief example of using American Fact Finder

Books from the Hatfield Library on Designing Surveys resources to help you to design: survey instruments, writing survey questions, and how to administer questionnaires

How to Use the NS&MS / Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions database of US demographics & psychographics (opens up a separate LibGuide dedicated to that database)


How to Find Local Media; Newspapers, National magazines & Polls (detailed explanations)

Willamette University's own student newspaper, The Collegian is now full text searchable, going back to its first issue in 1875.

If you are familiar with the nuances, then here are quick links to directly access the major resources mentioned in that guide:

  • - Searching the full text database of The Statesman Journal daily newspaper covering Salem and adjacent areas of Marion & Polk Counties for articles published 1999 through today
  • - Searching the full text database of The Oregonian (the largest daily newspaper in the State of Oregon)
  • - Searching the full text database of The New York Times daily newspaper for articles published 1980 through today
  • - Searching the Access Worled News database (statewide collections of participating newspapers from each state, including Oregon)
  • - Searching the Newspaper Source database to find articles in regional newspapers and transcripts of radio & television news programs.
  • - Searching the MasterFile Premier database to find articles in popular magazines & current events publications.

Examples of some relevant Surveys & Polls

- Article authored by Shawn K. Stover titled "Changing Long Held Beliefs", from Skeptic.  Published 2014.  Volume 19, Issue 3, p 54-56.  Click to retrieve from Academic Search Premier database.

- Article authored by Tanya Ryan titled "Green Intentions: An Exploratory Study on Advertising and the Environmental Movement", from Journal of Research for Consumers.  Published 2014.  Issue 26, p 76-105.  Click to retrieve article from the journal's website.

- Press Release titled "Erdos & Morgan Releases 2015 Opinion Leaders Study", from Erdos & Morgan, Inc.  Published December 15, 2015.  Click to retrieve from Erdos & Morgan's website.

- "Opinion Leaders and The Economist: - Erdos and Morgan Opinion Leaders Study 2015."  Published January 2016 byThe Economist.  Click to retrieve this promotional brochure from The Economist's website.

- "Washington Post Rated as Top Source inside the Beltway"  Published December 12, 2015 by News On News.  Click to retrieve this promotional brochure from the  News On News website.

Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)