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LibGuides Design Guide: Box Type Examples

This outlines the designs styles used for subject guides, class guides, and general library policy pages. It shows examples of the various LibGuide boxes and how they might be used.

Simple Web Links

Simple web links box type enables you to enter a series of links inside the box.

Each link has a title, url, and an optional short description which appears when the user hovers over the link. You can track the usage statistics (outgoing clicks) for these links.

Links and Lists

This is most useful for listing web sites. The Links and Lists box type enables you to create lists of web links and non-web link items (regular lists).

Each item can have a short description which appears underneath the item, and an optional More Info button which the user can click to get more information. You can track the usage statistics (outgoing clicks) for the links.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed box type enables you to display the contents of an RSS feed inside this box. You will be asked to provide the URL of the RSS feed (in a standard rss/xml/atom format) and the system will display the feed items inside the box.

Loading ...

Podcast Feed

Podcast box enables you to display the contents of a podcast feed on your page. You will be prompted for the URL of the Podcast feed, which must be in an rss/xml/atom format.

Note: This is an example of the NPR Food podcast limited to only the five most recent recordings.

Loading ...

Embedded Video/Audio

Video box enables you to embed a streaming video inside your page. The video can reside on any video sharing sites (YouTube and the like...).  You will be prompted to enter the full <embed>... code for the video which resides on a remote site, and the system will display the said video inside the box.

This is an embedded video for Lane Smith's book, "It's a book!"

Books from the Catalog

Books content box enables you to enter a list of books and provide links to the book records in your Library Catalog (or Amazon or any other url where the visitor can get more information about the book). You can enter the book Title/Author/ISBN/Url, and even display the book cover for the item, if available.

Documents & Files

Use this box to have a place to upload files like spreadsheets or word processed documents.  Documents/Files content box enables you to upload any number of files to your page. Individual files can not be larger than 5MB each, and each file can have a short description (255 characters).

Interactive Poll

Interactive Poll enables you to create a poll on your page. Create a question and enter up to 6 choices for your poll. Each poll choice can have assoicated url, and you can view the results of the poll in real time.

Interactive Poll
My favorite color is BLUE.: 3 votes (20%)
My favorite color is RED.: 3 votes (20%)
My favorite color is GREEN.: 6 votes (40%)
My favorite color is YELLOW.: 3 votes (20%)
My favorite color is BLACK.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 15

Remote Script Box

Remote scripts box prompts you to enter a URL of a remote script (i.e. a script on another server) to execute inside the box. Anything your script writes to stdout (standard out) will be displayed inside this box.

For example, if you have a custom-made remote script which resides on your institution's web server you can enter its URL and the output from the script will be displayed inside this content box.

This is a script example of the government info related databases (databases by subject).

Links to Guides Box

 The Guide List box allows you to display a list of links to guides, subjects or profiles from your LibGuides system.

The guide selection can be made on dynamic criteria such as subject affiliation, popular/recent guides, etc. As new guides are published that match your criteria, the box will automatically update to include those new guides automatically.

You also have the option to manually select your list of guides, allowing you full control over which guides and links are included in the box.

Google Web Search Box

Enable visitors to search Google inside your guide. You can define a default search term whose search results will show when the user loads your guide.

Google Web Search

Google Scholar Search Box

Google Scholar Search. You can define a default search term for this search box.

The results will open in a new window, directly from the Google Scholar website.

Google Scholar Search

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