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IDS 101: To Infinity and Beyond: Your Librarian

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What Librarians Can Do for You

You can set up an individual research consultation with a subject librarian for research help. Here are a few other things that we can do for you:

  • Show you the best places to begin your research.
  • Locate the information you need within our library or elsewhere.
  • Help you cite information correctly (e.g. APA style).
  • Judge the quality & reliability of information.
  • Teach you how to use information ethically (e.g. avoiding plagiarism).
  • Determine whether something is peer-reviewed.

Hot topics from Scientific American

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Science Daily - Space & Time

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Colloquium Description

Space and time play a central role in how we experience the world. Despite centuries of study by some of humanity’s greatest minds, many fundamental questions remain unanswered. For example: Why does time only go in one direction? Can time have a beginning and an end or must it be eternal? What would the world look like if space was not three-dimensional? Can the universe be infinitely large? In this colloquium we will explore some of the ideas that scientists and philosophers have put forward to understand space and time and the relationship between them, as well as how these concepts have been explored in works of fiction. Along the way, we will discuss into a variety of esoteric topics such as non-Euclidean geometry, entropy, and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Source: College Colloquium Page