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HOOVERS DIRECTORY bundle of 6 databases: Logging into Hoovers database

Walking you through the Log-In process for HOOVERS database


Step #1:  Click on this link <> which will directly open up the Hoovers website.  ALTERNATIVELY, if you open up the Hatfield Library's website <> and then click on the grey colored DATABASES button, you can then turn to the letter "H" and find the link to the Hoovers database.

NOTE:  If you are connecting from off-campus, you might be prompted to enter your WU username & password (without the email suffix).

Step #2:  You should now see the Dun & Bradstreet / Hoovers logo at the upper lett corner of your screen is a box labeled "Search for a Company".  Underneath that are 6 rectangular boxes containing logos & options that change colors as you hover your mouse over them.



Step #3:  There actually are lots of options on this screen.  If you move your mouse up to that top line, and hover over the blue logo, just to the left of the "Search for a Company", you should notice a drop down menu appear with 8 more options!  If you now move your cursor down just a notch into the horizontal black bar, and hover over the spot labeled "Search & Build a List" you will see 7 additional options appear!

Step #4:  If you want to get help in using any aspect of Hoover's bundles of resources, then you need to horizontal white bar near the top of the Hoovers screen, and click on the question mark, to see the help services & videos that can help you to master Hoover's variety of informatoin sources.

Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)