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IDS 101: Taming the Beast, Climate Solutions: Data Management Tips

Saving Files (Macs)

Saving Files (PC)

Printing (WU Print)

WU Print
All users on the campus network can use WU Print on their personal machines to send a print job to a virtual print queue on Willamette's server. You can then log into WU Print ( to send it to an available printer in the library or another computer lab on campus.

For WU Print set-up instructions, please go to:

Computer Lab Printers
Black and white printing is available to all WU community members, free of cost, in most of the campus computer labs. For a full list of lab locations, please go to:

Color Printing
For a small fee, students can print in color and high quality black & white at the Print Services located in the Lee House. All public printers in the library are set to draft-quality black & white only.

Printing Etiquette
Willamette University supports sustainability. Printers are a shared resource on this campus, and it is very important that each user does his or her part to be courteous to fellow users and to conserve paper and toner.

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