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LATIN 231: Latin Prose: Books of Hours

Book of Hours -- Praeces Piae

(Link to digital copy)

This Flemish Book of Hours, entitled Praeces piae, was produced during the second quarter of the 15th century, and has been associated by P.W. Parshall with other books produced for the diocese of Tournai, in modern Belgium. The text provides prayers for the eight hours of the day at which prayers were recited (Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline). Illuminations include miniatures of Saints Catherine, Agatha, Barbara, Sebastian, Anthony, and Nicholas as well as other more general religious themes.

[Praeces [sic] piae]  

Article by Professor Adele Birnbaum about the Book of Hours (1972)

The Painted Word (2001), A Carson Grant project by Julie Sparks, Class of 2001, who researched and recreated the illumination techniques in medieval manuscripts.

CHD Guide to the Facsimile of the Willamette Hours (2002), A complete, annotated transcipt of Willamette's Praeces Piae from the Center for Håndskriftstudier i Danmark.

Article by Professor Ann Nicgorski about the Book of Hours (2003)

Reading the Social and Religious Messages of the Virgin in the Praeces Piae by Katrina Maher (2008) Art History Senior Thesis

Joseph van Huerne    Biography of the husband of Madame van Huerne De Puyenbeke Née De Schietere De Lophem, former owner of Praeces Piae

Catalogue d'une magnifique et précieuse collection de livres, de manuscrits et d'incunables, ... délaissés par feu messire Jean baron de Pelichy-van Huerne, ancien sénateur et bourgmestre de la ville de Bruges, dont la vente aura lieu publiquement ... le mardi 24 juillet 1860  Auction catalog of the Van Huerne book collection.  (See pages 45-46)

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Paris  Another book of hours once owned by Madame van Huerne De Puyenbeke

Melville Eastham  Biography from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Melville Eastham papers 1908-1973   Finding Aid for the Library of Congress collection of Melville Eastham's papers

Melville Eastham papers, 1908-1973 (pdf)  Finding Aid for the Library of Congress collection of Melville Eastham's papers

Books of Hours & Women

Heures de Simon Vostre a l'usage de Langres

A page from a 1496 edition of Pigouchet and Vostre's printed Book of Hours from Princeton University Library exhibition, 2013

Books of Hours

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