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CCM 101: Public Speaking with Dr. de Onis: Campus Campaigns

Examples of 9 campus wide campaigns or surveys written up as scholarly journal articles

Comprehensive research articles detailing all of the strategic steps used by different universities in North America to measure the pulse of college campuses & students regarding sustainability projects on those same campuses.

  •  - "A Community-Based Social Marketing Campaign at Pacific University Oregon: Recycling, Paper Reduction, and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing", by Elaine J. Cole and Laura Fieselman, from International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.  Published 2013.  Volume 14, Issue 2, p. 176-195.  Click to retrieve from the database's website

  •  - "Community Responses to the Removal of Bottled Water on a University Campus", by Mikhailovich and Robert Fiztgerald, from International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.  Published 2014.  Volume 15, Issue 3, p. 330-342.  Click to retrieve from the database's website. 

  •  - "A Communication Approach to Campus Bottled Water Campaigns", by Cecilia O’Donnell and Ronald E. Rice, from Social Marketing Quarterly.  Published December 2012.  Volume 18, Issue 4, p. 255-273.  Click to retrieve from the author's website

  •  - "What's Wrong with the Tap? Examining Perceptions of Tap Water and Bottled Water at Purdue University", by Amber Saylor, Linda Prokopy and Shannon Amberg, from Environmental Management.  Published September 2011.  Volume 48, Issue 3, p. 588-601.  Click to retrieve from the journal's website.

  •  - "Behaviors, Motivations, Beliefs, and Attitudes Related to Bottled Water Usage at Weber State University", by Anthony King, Zackary Bjerregaard, Matthew Booth, Shannon Clugston, Miles Dittmore, Stephen Fossett, Dusty Pilkington, Pieter Sawatzki, and Carla Koons Trentelman, from The Journal of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters.  Published 2014.  Volume 91, pages 191-211.  Click to retrieve from the journal's website.

  •  - "Changing Norms by Changing Behavior: the Princeton Drink Local Program", by Jessica M. Santos and Sander van der Linden, from Environmental Practice: journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals.  Published April 2016.  Volume 18, Issue 2, p. 116-122.  Click to retrieve from the publisher's website.

  •  - "Planet Activism: Students Further Their Environmental Passions through Clubs and Groups", by Kim Fernandez, from Community College Journal.  Published October/November 2010.  Volume 18, Issue 2, p. 34-36 and 38-39.  Click to retrieve from the database's website.

  •  - "Written Messages Improve Edible Food Waste Behaviors in a University Dining Facility", by Kelly J. Whitehair; Carol W. Shanklin and Laura A. Brannon, from Journal of the Academic of Nutrition & Dietetics.  Published January 2013.  Volume 113, Issue 1, p. 63-69.  Click to retrieve from the database's website.

  •  - "50 Shades of Green: An Examination of Sustainability Policy on Canadian Campuses", by Philip Vaughter; Tarah Wright and Yuill Herbert, from Canadian Journal of Higher Education / Revue Canadienne d'Enseignement Superieur.  Published 2015.  Volume 45, Issue 4, p. 81-100.  Click to retrieve from the journal's website.

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