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ANTH 353: Myth, Ritual and Religion: Ethnographies

Ethnographic Series

Volumes from the series listed below are available in the Hatfield Library:

Freely available full text ethnographies


An ethnography is a first-hand, descriptive work of a particular culture or group.  The creator of the work lives with the group being observed and participates in everyday activities.  There is no special section of ethnographies in the library and they can be difficult to locate.  Below are some hints for locating the elusive ethnography:

A Subject search for a particular ethnic group may be helpful but finding the right subject heading isn't easy.  As a general rule, for North America and Latin America, add "Indians" to the name of the tribe (Navajo Indians).  For Africa, Europe or Asia, add the continent and the word "people" (Yoruba African People).  Ethnographies often fall under the subheading "Social Life and Customs" so look for those or add that phrase to your search (Yoruba African People and Social Life and Customs).  Or try adding the subheading for a particular aspect of a culture such as "Funeral customs and rites."  Ethnographies are also known as ethnologies so try a Subject search for "Ethnology" or "Ethnology" plus the group you are interested in (Ethnology Irish).

A Keyword search is another route to try.  Be aware that many ethnographies don't have the word "ethnography" in their title or subject heading but some do.  So a keyword search using the truncation symbol may be worth trying (ethnograph* will find materials with the words ethnography, ethnographic, etc.).  Or try a Keyword search for ethnology.