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Suggested Reference Book

This is a key reference book providing a general overview of almost any topic from the social sciences, including theories, paradigms, research methodologies, and modeling of human behavior & emotions.  This resource includes references and lists of further readings.

Guides to Browsing Books & Videos in the Hatfield Library

Guide to the Hatfield Library's Call Letters (general overview of Call Letters from A to Z)

Detailed Browsing of Education Books by Call Letter

The first section shows an overview of key call letters that are pertinent to Education.

The second lengthier group provides details & nuances of call letters within the "LB" and the "LC" ranges.

Call LettersDescription
D History of the World (excluding the Americas)
E -- F History of the Americas (north, south & central)
GV Athletics, sports and physical education
HQ Sexuality & family structures
K Laws & legal matters
L Education (in general)
LA History of Education
LB Theory & practice of Education
LC Special aspects of Education
LD Higher Eudcation
LE -- LG Education in other countries
PE English language & Language arts (teaching, textbooks & dictionaries)
PN Literature (in genreal)
PZ Chidrens literature
Q Science (in general)
QA Mathematics (from basic counting up to calculus)
RA Health education & Medicine
LB 1025 -- LB 1050 General principles of Teaching
LB 1140 -- LB 1489 Preschool, Nursery & Kindergarten
LB 1501 -- LB 1547 Primary education
LB 1555 -- LB 1602 Elementary or publlc school education
LB 1603 -- LB 1696 Secondary education
LB 2300 -- LB 2430

Higher education

LB 2801 -- LB 3095 School administration & Organization
LB 3201 -- LB 3325 School physical facilities; architecture, equipment and campus planning
LB 3401 -- LB 3495 School health services
LC 25 -- LC 46 Self education & Home schooling
LC 47 -- LC 58 Private school education
LC 65 -- LC 245 Social aspects of education
LC 142 -- LC 148 Attendance & dropouts
LC 149 -- LC 161 Literacy & Illiteracy
LC 251 -- LC 951 Moral education & Religious education
LC 1001 -- LC 1024 Humanistic education
LC 1031 -- LC 1034 Comptency based education
LC 1041 -- LC 1049 Vocational education & Cooperative education
LC 1051 -- LC 1072 Professional education
LC 1390 -- LC 5160 Education of specific groups of students
LC 3950 -- LC 4806 Exceptional children & Special education
LC 5201 -- LC 6660

Adult education & Extension services

For more details, visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the words and phrases that you will use to do a subject search in the catalog (as opposed to a keyword search). Although Education is a broad Library of Congress Subject Heading, you will probably get better results if you are more specific. To search for education of a particular state, use the subject for Education and the state (e.g. Education--Oregon). Be careful in your choice of words--some words and phrases that are natural to you will not be Library of Congress Subject Headings.

It is often helpful to do a keyword search on your topic first.  Once you find an appropriate source, look at the subject headings and click the linked subject heading in the catalog.

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