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Gary Klein, Reference Librarian: About Gary Klein

About Gary Klein. Reference Librarian for Business / Management, Civic Communications, Data Science, Economics, Education, Politics, PPLE, Psychology, Public Policy, Rhetoric and Statistics.

Gary Klein's professional duties

Gary Klein has served as a Reference Librarian at Willamette University since 1995. He is the liaison to the Atkinson Graduate School of Management in both Salem & Portland, and also liaison with Willamette's undergraduate programs of Business; Civic Communication (CCM); Data Science; Economics; Education; International studies; Psychology; Politics, Policy, Law & Ethics (PPLE), Rhetoric and Statistics.

Gary has been writing book reviews, software reviews & website reviews since 1990 in the fields of Business, Economics, and Gender studies.  He has authored research articles and delivered conference presentations on library instruction, keyword searching and biblioemetrics.

For two years, Gary also wore the hat of Faculty Co-Chair of CAS' Honor Council which works with undergraduate students who were accused of cheating or plagiarism.


Research Appointment

You can setup a time to meet with me as an individual or with a group for a research consultation.  I can help you track down that elusive information that you need; give you pointers on resources that are most useful for your topic, and suggest effective search strategies. 

Just fill out the form on his "YouCanBookMe" web page.

Gary Klein's personal motto

"When you are looking for information...

Turn to a librarian first,

And it will be the last place that you go to!"


Don't Fret if you Need Some Help

That is why the Hatfield Library has full time reference librarians specializing in the information needs for Atkinson's graduate students, as well as CLA's undergraduate students..

Gary Klein is an expert business researcher with hands on experience in many different aspects of researching management, industries, corporations, nonprofits and government agencies.  He is also well versed in the Social Sciences with decades of experience in Civic Communication & Media (CCM), Data Science, Economics, Education, Psychology; Rhetoric as well as in Politics, Policy Law & Ethics (PPLE).  Gary is also the library's specialist if you are looking for Statistics of any kind.

His job is to help you get the information you need, into your hands.

  Click here to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with Gary

Gary Klein's education

Continuing Education
     University of Toledo (Ohio).

Masters of Library Science (MLS)
     State University of New York at Buffalo, (also known as University of Buffalo).

Continuing Education
     State University of New York at Buffalo, (also known as University of Buffalo).

Certificate of Banking
     American Institute of Banking - Western New York Chapter (Buffalo, NY).

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
     State University of New York at Buffalo, (also known as University of Buffalo).

Gary Klein's publications (research, reviews and opinion pieces)


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Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)

Profile Photo
Gary Klein
Mark O. Hatfield Library
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301

Gary's general work schedule (Fall 2021):
Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri = 9am -- 6pm; Thu = Noon -- 9pm AND ALSO by appointment at other times.