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SOC 358: Sexualities: Books

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Listed below are the letters and descriptions of the main sexuality-related areas of the Library of Congress (LC) Classification.  This list is based off of the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

  • HQ12-449 Sexual life
  • HQ19-30.7  Sexual behavior and attitudes.  Sexuality
  • HQ31-64 Sex instruction and sexual ethics
  • HQ71-72 Sexual deviations
  • HQ74-74.2 Bisexuality
  • HQ75-76.8 Homosexuality.  Lesbianism
  • HQ77-77.2 Transvestism
  • HQ77.7-77.95 Transexualism
  • HQ79  Sadism.  Masochism.  Fetishism, etc.
  • HQ101-440.7 Prostitution
  • HQ447 Masturbation
  • HQ449 Emasculation.  Eunuchs, etc.
  • HQ450-472 Erotica
  • HQ503-1064  The family.  Marriage.  Home
  • HQ1075-1075.5 Sex role
  • HQ1088-1090.7 Men
  • HQ1101-2030.7 Women.  Feminism