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IDS 101: The Mathematics of Secret Codes: Your Librarian

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Course Description

In this inquiry-based course we will study the history and mathematics of secret codes and ciphers. Together we will become code makers and breakers. We will learn the mathematics of the RSA encryption algorithm, which is currently used to keep our online bank accounts and credit card purchases safe. By the end of this course students will have familiarity with some basic programming in Python and they will have collaboratively authored a text that explains the who, what, why and how of RSA encryption.

Source: College Colloquium Page

What I can do for you...

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You can set up an individual research consultation with me to:

- Determine the best places to begin your research.

- Develop effective search strategies.

- Locate & get the info you need

- Help request materials from other libraries

- Find additional info from bibliographies and reference lists

- Judge the quality & reliability of information

- Use information ethically (e.g. plagiarism and copyright)

- Cite information correctly (e.g. APA style)

- Show and use citation tools

- Determine the differences between literature types

- Diagnose whether something is peer-reviewed

Locating Materials

These additional guides will help you find and locate other types of information.

Book Reviews                                                            Newspaper Articles
Books                                                                         Speeches
Dictionaries                                                                Statistics
Government Info                                                        Videos/DVDs
Journal Articles

John Repplinger

John Repplinger
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